A fully exposed Heart with nothing to hide,
Reveals His Truth waiting inside,
Standing before Him with raw and naked parts,
Invites us to dance with exuberance with free exposed Hearts,
Innocence of a child, even when wild,
Don't stop His Love It's anything but mild,
He desires us to be completely Free,
Dancing in His Light exposes you and me

The Seeds of Love

Love never leaves but waits with great patience for the seed to become a seedling,
to become a tree,
to bear Beautiful Fruit,
then Its seeds plant a plentiful orchard



Profound Purpose

There is an awakening that comes with surrender, my journey has been enlightened by this

Additions to my blog are from words that drop into my Heart each day.


Can you catch the wind in your hands,
Tell a butterfly to attention stand?
Will a river on its own stop its flow,
Or trees cease to grow?
Will fish get up and walk,
Or majestic mountains talk?
Their purpose is created, 
Even they are elated,
Even more profound,
Their purpose they have found


December 8, 2013 One Gift Is All That Is Needed

Too much time has passed, too much is happening all the time since my last post which was one of many ongoing beginnings. In this time of rest I have come to believe that I don't need to be 'doing' something all the time in order to be valued. Distractions of 'doing' and the frenzied constant motion of coming and going are fading away. After more than a year of rest, which is inside has changed what is on the outside. I know that it is not what surrounds me that leads me, but rather Who is 'within' leading me.

Love cannot be substituted with bought gifts, if we search our hearts and see that it is difficult to live and give Love, the gifts are the substitute. The number of gifts or how expensive is not Love. Glistening trees and monogrammed stockings cannot substitute JOY in our homes. What could happen if we fully gave our attention and time as our gift to those in our lives? Because YOU ARE THE GIFT, not something in a box with a ribbon under a tree. Even The Grinch was eventually able to see, "'How could it be so? It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes or bags!' And he puzzled three hours, `till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! 'Maybe Christmas,' he thought, 'doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!'"

If you aren't already aware, all commercials, catalogs, billboards, brochures and advertisements are perfectly planned conference room copywriting and marketing psychology to lure the viewer through their senses. Bombardment of possibly more than half of television program time is filled with business schemes to make the viewer think they will love more, be loved more, look better, be better, feel better, want more or give more, by buying more of 'unneeded stuff' that will never let us know how much we are Loved.

Even planning dinner feasts with family can be depressing for those fighting, those lonely, those forgotten, those family members, parents, siblings, children who desperately need to know they are Unconditionally Loved.

It begins and ends with this, all that ever matters is to Receive Love and Give Love. Our greatest calling and assignment is to make a difference somewhere in the world. Start with family, the hardest life assignment anyone could have. Right in the middle of all our turmoil, through Loving Truth, find rest in each other, bring comfort 'in the heart' to each other, look at each other and be with each other. Be the one who delivers beautiful healing words..."you are perfectly adored and totally honored as His precious child, even when you forget or ignore that this is true".

I want to give you this gift; let us be a beacon of His Light that flies through all darkness and pain. Be free, search for the path to forgive one another, Love one another as He Loves us, THIS IS THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL. It is the only gift that keeps giving. It isn't found in a box or under a tree. It is THE GOOD AND PERFECT GIFT which only flow down from THE FATHER OF LIGHTS, THE ONE WHO LOVED US FIRST.

May 13, 2012 Out of the Abundance of the Heart

At various weekends around the world we recognize Moms. The real life of a Mom is hidden deeply within her heart but is generally celebrated for the things that Moms do for their children. The marketing of merchandise to place a scale of value cheapens the true purpose of her Life and Love.

A Life giving Mom directly reflects abundant Love, the creative force of God's nature to create. Life's cycle from birth to death is not linear, it is enlarging and expanding like the womb, full of Life, through the pains of labor and birth to new Life. 

Out of the abundance of the Heart comes Life. We are here and to die is to Live. Our Moms surrendered to the pull of the heart to choose Life and in Life dies to self in order to bring forth Life.

I am a Mom and I have loved every minute of every day being a Mom, and the generations from my Mom and the lineage before her continues and will not end because Life will not end. 

Thank you Mom, my heart feels you and I Love you. You know it too.

"I Love you for who you 'are' and not what you 'do'" takes us to the depth of our purpose.

Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, March 25, 2012 Falling into Love

This thought came to me today,

How can we survive while face to face with each other with so much hatred, resentment, envy and cut-throat competition? Think of the healing that God has waiting for us when we can Love unconditionally without expectation...God knows the plans of our hearts. But by His invitation we are able to search and ask for His Light to illuminate what is hidden, what is dark within our hearts, bringing it all into His Light, what has been carefully concealed and covered up in fear. We must let go to be free and experience Love eradicating all fear.

I would think that Henri's daily devotional must have inspired this....although physical touch is healing, we can touch with hands and hearts from within that are not always visible as an outward action.

The Healing Touch

Touch, yes, touch, speaks the wordless words of love. We receive so much touch when we are babies and so little when we are adults. Still, in friendship touch often gives more life than words. A friend's hand stroking our back, a friend's arms resting on our shoulder, a friend's fingers wiping our tears away, a friend's lips kissing our forehead --- these are true consolation. These moments of touch are truly sacred. They restore, they reconcile, they reassure, they forgive, they heal. Everyone who touched Jesus and everyone whom Jesus touched were healed. God's love and power went out from him (see Luke 6:19). When a friend touches us with free, nonpossessive love, it is God's incarnate love that touches us and God's power that heals us.- Henri J. M. Nouwen

There have been many coaches in my life.. It has been their Love that is the example of God's Love.

This poem is one of many many inspiring words that I called my golden keys. They open the door to my heart to receive without fear and heal without obstruction.

This is my visual interpretation of these words. Fall where Jesus reminded us that He the depth of our Hearts. Stay Connected.

"The hole in my heart,
once carefully concealed,
has burst open,
and I have fallen in.

The fall leaves me breathless
and frozen in fear,
not the fear of hitting ground,
but that the fall will never end.

Hands reaching out to help me
I have pushed away.
Don't rescue me.

I need this.

They say, in dreams of falling,
that if you hit the ground you're dead.
I've been dead.
I must hit the ground to live."

by Jim Spivey

Jim, Thank You!!


February 27, 2012 Without/Within

As difficulties increase there is only one place I can go that sustains, steadies and secures me and that is inside my Heart to listen to the Love and Peace that surpasses all cognitive understanding. There is a constant battle going on and it is not only 'out there'...if we pay close attention to our own battles and truthful with ourselves...we find there is just as much going on 'within'.

God calls us to be with Him 'within' our Hearts...we can be amazed at both His Creation 'without' and the beauty that unfolds everywhere, all at the same time not missing the same unfolding miracle that is 'within' us. Love is Life giving and Battles are Life giving as they drive us back within our Hearts. There are no borders within or without the Heart...It is a daily 'battle' and a choice to have Peace in all circumstances as Life and Love completes us.

When we signed on for our assignment with God to surrender 'all control' of our lives we never knew how it would the days to come I will reveal what has been occurring and the continual replay of our call and purpose. Day after day confirms that we are all on a unique segment of this path.

This is my Life.

I haven't been writing regularly here on my blog but will try to do so...but here are more inspirational notes that daily reveal my Heart...My Facebook profile is about Love. So if you want to walk this with me I invite you to join me...

"What we seek we will find; what we look for we will see; what we reach for we will grasp; Love reveals it all.

"The whole world, the whole expanding universe 'without' is also 'within'...our very cells are a universe expanding within...only an all Loving God could have created such magnificence"

"Only by facing our mortality can we come in touch with the life that transcends death. Our imperfections open for us the vision of the perfect life that God in and through Jesus has promised us." Henri Nouwen

"Love has no boundaries or limit, It is not confined by space or time. There is no limit to our reaching. The Kingdom of Heaven is in you"...Luke 11:21

"Walk in His Love...Perfect Unconditional Love does away with Fear driven responses. Fear is revealed in our judging, hatred, bigotry, the need to control, perfection, resisting daily dying to self; isolation, exclusion or anything that disconnect us from each other and God; Love is revealed in all things as we allow our Broken Hearts to Heal. Abide in His Love."

"There is assurance in all circumstances that our purpose 'is our call' and every moment of every day is a choice to surrender and continue together on this Path as we hold and remind each other to stay focused on God's Love. If you can't believe it's all His Love the experience has been blinded by past judgements and fear driven response performances.

Listen to your Heart...

and here's a link on scientific research that our Heart 'thinks' ...

'For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he...' (Proverbs 23:7a KJV)
''...that you may know the thoughts of your heart.' (Daniel 2:30b NKJV)
'...The thought of your heart may be forgiven you.' (Acts 8:22b NKJV

The Heart Thinks

Why would I 'think' my Heart would be any different from His?

A Light Fractal Heart I created a few years ago....

The expansiveness of Creation that we see 'without' is also 'within'.

And a Light Heart that Nasa captured in 2006

Titled: "Light from the Heart Nebula"
Credit & Copyright: Matt Russell