Awaken Our Truth Within

I want you to know that you are not alone and let you know everything happens for our healing. Healing is found within the our agony of our lives. If we are bold enough to search deep within our hearts first, we will awaken to freedom, abundant life and peace, because our focus will not be in judgement. We will then see that we are all the same, with what is seen and unseen. Because we have been created in God's image and nature, we will see that our judgement reveals our own inner secrets. Then we can truly love with His Love.


Only Love

Only love can heal you,
Nothing you ever need to do,
Only love makes you new.



This is dedicated to Jim, a loving kind friend and brother. If you really take time to look you will see.
I see kindness, I see pain, I see tears falling like rain, I see sadness He will free, I see love as vast as the sea, a heart transparent that does not hide, a heart that is deep as it is wide.


This Christmas, Touch.

I think about my day and my plans to be with family. I also think about those I Love, family and friends who cannot be with us this Holiday and New Year. While continually holding them in my Heart I purposely do not distract myself from their absence while running here and there shopping or at parties. They go with me. I purposely feel and know within me and believe that deep within "all our Hearts" we search for this expression of His Pure, Perfect Love through each other and through all our senses. 
A simple touch, hug or kiss, words expressed or written words, words that move our Heart and Soul are words that speak Life and Love into us; they are words that are powerful and deeply connect us with each other.

My invitation to you is to see the Miracle of you, this Miracle of Jesus, and don't be afraid to let His Miracle see you. Watch for the Miracle of God's Love and Life everywhere, everywhere you look. And experience His Son Jesus' invitation, the wonder and miracle of His Love. This is His Great Gift. 

For those who Love deeply, give Love deeply, please, you know Who and Whose you are, you who are fully Awake and Aware. Carry this Love that holds Eternal Life to the brokenhearted, to those living in deep sorrow of loss of loved ones, to those in agony, to those who are alone, to those who are not seen. They are "you". Please give Love. 

His Love and expressing His Love is all that matters, ever. It is our Greater Purpose.

Please connect.
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Magnolia, TX 77354


Agony and Ecstasy

So much pain and despair, so much in this world is unfair, He grieves with you, His Heart and His Spirit you choose, your choice for your Heart healing, His Perfect Love is revealing, agony and ecstasy are espoused, one is required for the other to arouse

Love Sees, Hears, Touches

Seeing is within the Heart, to look is only part, Hearing is the same, to listen leads the way, Touching does impart, from deep inside your Loving Heart, within The Door Who is The Way, Pure and Perfect Love intoxicates

Love Songs

The Love Song you write will take all Hearts to flight, don't stop writing Love Songs in the night, Love Songs in the day, Love Songs of melody, Love Songs that rhyme, this is a reminder for you whether you sing or write, your Love Songs help Hearts find their sight, soar with His Wings and take flight, as we all dance and sing together with Him in His Light